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Thread: Need More Help - Distance between heel and handle

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    I agree with Pensacola Tiger on this one. Heck sometimes I choke up so far that my ring finger is in the machi area. I also agree with Chop here, it looks like you are bang on already.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cclin View Post
    I prefer emotu(neck) around 14~16mm, emotu length less than 12mm or over 18mm become uncomfortable for me....

    +1 Charles, Rick & Chris. Long necks are fine on beer bottles, giraffes, and ballerinas; not so much on gyutos.
    For me, the 'comfort' distance is inversely proportional to the amount of radius in the transition between heel & tang. Greater radius : less distance; smaller radius : more distance.

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    The diameter on the transition is about 1/2 (close to finger's diameter), 14-16mm is distance that allows my middle finger to rest comfortable on the emotu.

    Now, how about sujis and smaller knives like petties, petty chefs, hosukis, and others? Those one doesn't normally pinch-grip (unless you position your hand over the edge of the board when cutting). By that logic, I made emotu on those shorter, about 14mm max.

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