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Thread: July Contest - $100 Store Credit Prize

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    July Contest - $100 Store Credit Prize

    This month's contest will be a little different than before.
    To enter the contest just post a photo of your favorite knife that you currently own.
    You probably like all your knives.......

    So choose the knife that you are the most proud of and least likely to ever get rid of and post a photo(s) of that one knife in this thread.

    At the end of the month I will use the random number generator to see which post number is the contest winner. The drawing will be sometime during the day on 8/1/13.
    The prize winner should contact me within a week of the drawing to claim their prize.
    The winner will receive a $100 credit in our web store.
    They can use the credit to get handle material for a rehandle or send it to the knife maker to use if they are having a knife made.
    If you win but don't want the prize, you can always gift it to one of the other forum members.

    Even if you don't enter the contest, I think it will be fun to see the other forum members favorites.
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    Vintage cimeter I cleaned up and re-handled.
    Tom Gray, Seagrove, NC

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    Carter 4.7 sun freestyle kurouchi with custom handle...this thing just feels right in hand, and is as close to a laser beam cutter as I think I'll ever experience.
    The difference between try and triumph is a little "umph"! NO EXCUSES!!!!!!!

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    My Konosuke HD2 Funi/gyuto. With a lacewood saya that a friend made for me. It is very plain and not very original, but I love it. I will definitely be getting a custom handle for this sometime.

    Edit: Hmm I'm not sure why the picture isn't showing up automatically. I did exactly what I did last time.

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    DT 250 mm, Mystery carbon San Mai.

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    A Marko Tsourkan 225mm thin practice gyuto. Of all my knives, this is the most satisfying when it cuts into something and makes contact with the board.

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    takeda 21cm yanagi. its my newest knife but it's my favorite one I have ever owned. It just thrills me on the line! Soon to be rehandled by Mike Henry!
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    Butch 165mm tall petty in W2, from
    I use this little guy for everything since I'm mostly just cooking for two.

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    35 year old Sab

    First try at a mustard patina. This bute has been rolling with me for over thirty years of professional cooking and would she ever look good with some fresh wood!!!

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