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Thread: Lavender Lemonade recipe

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    Lavender Lemonade recipe

    Just wanted to post this recipe. Sounds delicious

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    Thanks! There was a restaurant near us that used to have this, but they went out of business and I haven't had it since. It IS delicious!
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    That sounds delicious. I'm working similar angle, but with a kick. I was given a pint of pure corn liquor. - yup 180 proof, melt your tongue off and set your place on fire if'n you're not careful with it.

    I put it in a quart jar along with a very large whack of fresh ginger, peeled and sliced thing. Then set away for a month.

    Yesterday we came back from a spontaneous trip up and over the mountain. When we got back I made what turned out to be a very nice summer drink.

    To a pint glass add: ICE - I next added 1/2 OZ (OR MORE)- GINGER infused moonshine. Then top it off with equal parts of blood orange juice and sparkling lemonade.

    Making the lemonade with lavender would add such a nice extra layer of flavor to the mix. Might not even taste the shine that way but the Ginger isn't going anywhere.

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