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Thread: Salad.

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    My dad eats like crap, but the last time he visited he loved a salad i made so much that he said it was the best one he has ever had. Now considering that he still eats rolled up boloney as a snack, that might not be a compliment but I appreciated it.

    Anyone have an awesome salad they do or have some special ingredients they love to add?

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    A shaved kale salad:

    You want the ruffuly part so you get one of your super sharp sujis and shave the ruffles, maybe add some of the other finely chopped so you don't waste it but texture is the goal.

    Roasted red pepper

    Radish thinly sliced with a usuba

    Feta cheese

    Cherry tomatoes sliced with above suji

    Toasted pine nuts

    I like a white balsamic vinaigrette but anything toward the sweeter side works
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    Yes. Salade tunisienne. Have a look here and just use google translate

    The backbone of this recipe is pretty standard, but the cumin, coriander, capers and olives are less so. You don't always encounter those, but you do always find fresh mint in it and maybe some parsley too. I'd add some apple as it combines very well with the mint.

    Of course, Tunisian tomatoes, olive oil, etc, can have a special quality - oh, and definitely their tuna - so good luck. But still lots of fun dicing is involved and it's still always great.

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    I’ve got lots of salads I love to make, but for now;

    My Signature Salad (sorry I don’t have any pics of one);

    Bib lettuce (preferable the live stuff) – cut the leaves down the rib, and then across the rib into quarters
    Radicchio – peel the leaves off the head whole, stack them up and slice into ¼” wide slivers
    Belgian endive – cut the root end off, peel the leaves off whole, stack them on top of each other and slice into 1/8” slivers
    Apple – a good crisp apple, like honey crisp or Braeburn (not red delicious) – julienne

    Walnuts – whole ½ pieces, roughly chopped
    Dried cranberries
    Blue cheese – roughly crumbled

    Shallot – julienne or minced, your preference – 1 medium
    Lime juice – ‘bout 2-3 tblsp
    Dijon/whole grain mustard – ‘bout 1 tblsp
    Honey – ‘bout 1 tblsp
    Olive oil (or your choice of neutral oil; I’d stay away f/ flavored oils like walnut or truffle for this one, but do as you please)– ‘bout 2-3 tblsp
    Celtic sea salt & fresh ground black pepper

    Combine shallot and lime juice in a bowl first while you add all other ingredients, except oil. Taste and adjust as needed. After all is combined, add oil and wisk to emulsify.

    Toss all lettuces and apple together in a large bowl.

    Top w/ walnuts, cranberries and cheese.

    Drizzle dressing on top, and gently toss with clean hands to combine. The dressing melts the cheese a little bit, and combines w/ it. Don’t add all the dressing at once. Add more as needed, and as much as you like you salad dressed.

    Serve w/ a grilled rustic whole grain bread rubbed w/ a garlic clove.
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    Chicken & Cucumber Salad

    This is something I make about once a week and everyone likes it in our house.
    Great meal for a hot day.

    1st I cut up about a pound of chicken thigh meat into bite sized chunks.
    Saute them till I get a color change all the way through, but not overcooked.
    Drain off the fat and dump the chicken into a large bowl.
    Next I pour a container of Newman's Family Recipe Italian dressing in the bowl.

    Next I take 2 ripe Haas Avocados. Cut in half, then with a butter knife I cube the avocados and scrape out of the skin into the bowl with the chicken and dressing. The warm chicken and dressing help the avocado to break down into a paste that thickens the dressing.

    Finally I dice up 1/2 a red onion, 4 roma tomatoes, 1 english cucumber (snap peas when I can get them) and mix everything together. Last I put the bowl in the fridge to cool the mixture. When it's cool it's ready to serve.

    Sometimes instead of chicken I will use blanched almond slivers or cheese tortellini.
    Anything left over gets used as a regular green salad topping the next day.
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    Frisée aux lardons.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brad Gibson View Post
    Frisée aux lardons.
    Oh yes...

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    Chicken Salad
    Lettuce of your choice
    Teriyaki-marinated chicken breast and/or thigh strips, stir-fried and chilled
    Assorted vegetables (Chinese Broccoli, carrots, red peppers, scallions or whatever else you want), stir-fried and chilled
    Bunch of Champagne grapes
    Honey-yogurt dressing with a touch of grainy mustard.
    Toasted sesame seeds

    Lay down a base of lettuce leaves and top with teriyaki chicken and vegetable, drizzle with the honey-yogurt dressing and toasted sesame seeds, Champagne grapes beside.

    Great with a side of garlic toast or griddled focaccia spears.

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    Another good one:

    Romaine lettuce, tomatoes, red onion, cucumber, mushrooms, roasted corn, hard boiled egg, shredded mozzarella and green goddess dressing.

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    Hmm... not too fond of meat on my salads. Tuna, achovy yes, but all this chicken... We eat enough of it these days, I say. I like the meatless signature and shaved kale salads above It's a about vegetables, d'mit.

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