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Thread: Leather strop. What do you load yours with?

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    Leather strop. What do you load yours with?

    Been reading and searching and find so many opinions. Got my sharpening stones recently up to a 5k Rika. Just got a leather strop. Strop is vegetable tanned leather on a thick plastic base. Do you guys have a preferred chromium oxide paste, or do you use a particular diamond spray? What # of microns? Thanks!

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    I've tried a few over the years. Although I personally like hard felt over leather, leather will outlast felt by a long shot. For me a good quality diamond spray @ 1 micron is the ticket. I've tried .5 and .25; the 1 micron is by far what you'll want after a Rika 5k (I think 1 micron is equivalent to somewhere near 10-12k, but .25 jumps exponentially higher). Again, I like the diamond for overall ease of use as well as the toothiness it gives, even at such high polish.

    Watch out for cheap stuff. I purchased a 2 ounce bottle off of EBay a few years back, and it was crap.
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    I have a combo of different sprays and pastes (.25-2 micron) and I tend to use the diamond spray in the .5-1 micron the most. I also have felt and leather but tend to use my leather far more (not really sure why... Habit maybe)

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    I use chromium oxide .5 micron paste from hand American on leather right after my rika 5k for all my nicer double bevel kitchen knives, if I just do a few light strokes it leaves a very nice edge with some bite to it. If I over do it or use too much pressure it can make the edge too polished and/or rounded off. I also loved the edge Dave put on my Hiro, I think he used .25 micron diamond spray on leather after the rika 5k. I think if you have done a good job up through the 5K just about any stropping compound will do well. The reason I like the CrO2 paste is that it seems to last a really really long time on the leather, and being a green paste it is very easy to see that you have an even coat on the leather. On the softer steel knives I leave out for housemates and guests to use I only go to 1200 then a light strop for burr removal. My straight razors I go Rika 5K, Naniwa 10K, Balsa loaded with 1 micron boron carbide, leather with CrO2, plain felt, plain leather. Happy stropping!

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    I have a few sprays and pastes around. I prefer something around 1 micron. Over the past year I've been using an unloaded leather more and more though.

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    There's a honing compound made and sold by an English bloke calls himself 'Strider' that is nicknamed Smurf Poo - I had to try it on my HA bull pad!

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    VERY helpful, thanks to all chiming in!

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    I tend to use different stuff depending on the steel. Chromium Oxide sees to get the least use.

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    Chromium Oxide is better for razors, diamond for knives.

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    I've been buying my slurry here at a very good price--I use it on felt rather than leather.
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