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Thread: Why Paula Deen should be banned

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    There has been story's of how bad her restaurant treats their black employees for years. It's nothing new. She also doesn't make any real food. It's all processed crap. She was the spokeswomen for smithfield for godsake. She is a disgrace to all us southerners who make reel food from scratch. I is what I is my ass.

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    But she IS what she is. Take a look at her -- she IS totally processed. Her face is covered with pounds of additives and has had a preservation treatment or two (or 10). There is almost nothing real about her. She's turned into a chubby Joan Rivers.

    David (WildBoar's Kitchen)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slypig5000 View Post
    Saw generic beer for the last time in College Station, TX in 2001 or 2002. Can looked different but it was that same idea. Tasted like water and sadness.

    Ever since PD came into the public zeitgeist I have thought of her not as a Southerner, but the comical depiction of what the corporate interests at the Food Network think of Southerners. Having her as the mascot for "Southern Cooking" is offensive.
    When cycling backroads, I often see cans on the side of the road that just say "Beer" in big letters, these cans are usually red, white, blue.

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    My teeth hurt reading all of the sweet stuff in that, that being said I would still try it. I have been prooven wrong in the past.

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