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Thread: ECG Regrets

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    ECG Regrets

    I planned to attend this year as I have for the past two or three. The ECG is always a blast with old friends and new friends and putting faces with the names. This year is a little different.

    Never mind the 9 hour drive or $200 worth of gas round trip. I do have two projects in the shop that are sapping all my available time and cash and I am now swamped with orders. So you guys will have to do without me for this year.

    Have a great time, be safe and don't eat to much.

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    Damn; I was so looking forward to saying hello again, Dave.

    It's good that you are busy though, cannot complain about THAT I guess!

    We'll toast you in absentia

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    Sorry to hear that David.

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    Hi Dave,

    You will be missed!!

    Hope Glenda is feeling better!!

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    Dave, sorry to hear we will not see you this year -- we will miss you (and my wife will miss seeing your cutting boards). Glad to hear you have a backlog of work!
    David (WildBoar's Kitchen)

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