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Thread: My first saya

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    My first saya

    I had originally thought to send my knives to Tom to have sayas made, but for some reason (probably Tom telling me that it wasn't that difficult and the ghost of my grandfather looking down at me and frowning), I decided to try my hand at one. This is not a sandwich construction; it was made in the traditional fashion, hollowed out with chisels, shaped with planes and the outside was hand sanded to 400 and finished with Tru-Oil. It taught me a few lessons. First, it is really dumb to do your first saya with highly figured wood (makes it a lot tougher to hollow out and plane), but I wanted something that would match Devin's "spicy white steel" San Mai . Second, I really think I might invest in a couple of saya nomi, as bench chisels are not the greatest for this process. Finally, I think that a belt sander purchase may be in my immediate future if I am going to make more of these. So here it is; please be kind and any comment or suggestions would be welcome.

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    The friction fit was quite good.
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    I really like it. I suspect your grandfather is looking down smiling.

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    Please send that knife to me for proper evaluation. very nice work

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    Congrats! It looks really good. Now, my consulting fee is.... Just kidding!

    Take a look around at:

    Email me at:

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    well, the saya is cool and all, BUT MAN, where did you git a knife with copper cladding?!

    Seriously, I like the saya, haven't worked up the guts to take chisel to wood yet myself.
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    Yeah, isn't amazing what a little lighting and set decoration will do. Thank you for the kind words.
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    looks good Ed! very nice my friend!


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    Quote Originally Posted by HHH Knives View Post
    looks good Ed! very nice my friend!

    Good job, Ed -

    let me know if you have any questions or need some help to advance your work.


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    Very nice! Oh, and the saya ain't so bad either.

    I kid I kid! Excellent looking work man!

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    Very nice job!
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