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Thread: Golden Corral Viral Video....

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    Quote Originally Posted by jgraeff View Post
    If it is real im glad the guy came foreword, now golden corral will definitely have to watch what they do. Thankfully i never eat there anyways.
    CNN is reporting it...if that means anything to you for fact-checking (I'd certainly not believe some random vid on youtube).

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    Quote Originally Posted by slowtyper View Post
    No idea how accurate this is but it was posted, labelled as golden corral as well shortly after this video broke out.

    One commenter pointed out the faucet just running onto the I can't stop laughing when I see that.
    I have seen dish pits look like that when the Jockey(diswasher) decides to walk out in a busy shift. A lot of times the dishwasher is supposed to throw out the boxes from the walkin when taking out trash.

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    Gross. I doubt that was staged. Plain gross. I bought a frosty waffle cone at wendys a few weeks back cuz nothing else was available. The paper was attached to the cone with a dab of glue. Big companies get away with a lot of crap.

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