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Thread: Finishing handles?

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    Oh yeah and wheel (surface) rpm can factor in quite a bit as well to the results. Too slow and you get streaks of compound loading the piece and if too fast you get too aggressive a cut rate.

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    Thanks a lot guys especially the drill press idea. I have just bought a floor standing drill press and was wondering what I was going to do with my cheap bench top. I may actually have a finished knife by next week. LOL.
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    if your grinder is 3450rmp, don't apply too much pressure while buffing horn, or it might get burned. Best is to pick a grinder/buffer with 1800 rpm.

    When sanding a wa handle, I typically alternate (as of recently, prior to that all by hand) between sanding on a disk sander and by hand up 1000 grit for all woods (stabilized or naturally stable) and to 2000 grit for ironwood. I use a buffer for bringing up shine on the horn, metal and color on the wood. I use green and pink compounds and soft wheels.


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    Thakss Marko, i will have to look again. Usually, I go very lightly on the buffing wheels, but I can always keep usimg the old bench top drill press.


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    P.s. I hate typing on an Ipad.
    Just get a stand for it, a wireless keyboard and touch pad, a desk and chair and youll be all set!
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