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Thread: Kouzaki Razor hone review

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    Kouzaki Razor hone review

    This is a Kouzaki that I got about a month ago for testing, that I liked so much that I decided to keep.
    At a first glance I thought this was Aoto- like stone, based on appearance alone (not talking about the cheap Tamba Aotos that are all over the internet), so I figured that would be a nice mid-range stone for prep work. I later found out that Aoto have been mined from the mine at some point, so no wonder the resemblance.
    I was very pleasantly surprised however to find out that this is a legitimate finisher. The stone in my opinion is not typical awasedo, it leaves fine scratch pattern, unlike the typical sandblasted finish you would get form other finishers. The stone is also extremely potent, it can take 1k edge and do the work to the finished stage in a very short time.
    Tested this with solingen, Japanese, Sheffield and Filarmonica, all gave great results, frankly not too different than my Nakayamas or Ozuko.

    The stone works best with slurry, or at least mine does, I tried no slurry first to get an idea where it is but the edge was not quite to my liking. Honing on slurry however delivers awesome edge, it reminds me of coticule in smoothness but it is sharp Jnat edge. The stone has a great feedback on honing, not the glassy feel of a very hard Jnat, it is really a pleasure to hone on. The stone is hard enough to not auto-slurry but soft enough to slurry easy with tomonagura, I used a Nakayama tomonagura to make slurry from the base stone, I also tried a very hard Shobodani tomonagura results were the same- a great edge.

    I would say this is one stone to give a try if you are looking for a Jnat finisher, the price is also extremely affordable for the amount of stone you are getting.

    Here some pics:

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    Thanks Stefan, that is very weird razor finisher for sure !

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