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Thread: Netflix/ Amazon AWESOME!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Talim View Post
    The best part was when he just took out the sword after quenching it in oil I think and it was on fire. That was an almost magical moment.
    Yes! It was like one of those joke birthday candles, he blew it out but it fired back up again!

    Quote Originally Posted by stereo.pete View Post
    The blacksmith who made the viking sword is also the person who made Mr. Drinky's wootz steel for Randy. That is if my memory is correct. A young Kevin Cashen is also in that video as the apprentice.
    I didn't realize that! now they are both cooler. I'll let you resolve the vague pronominal reference as it pleases.

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    5,413 this 3 part documentary is extremely cool. im i fan of ken burns documentaries already, this one is probably my favorite now. some of the statistics in the first episode were mind blowing, i wasnt aware how widespread alcoholism was, we actually drink way less as a country today.

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