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Thread: Foster Bros cimeter refresh

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    Foster Bros cimeter refresh

    Thought that I would share a really nice piece that Daniel completed for me. I picked up an old school Foster Bros cimeter off of the bay to breakdown primals and to use as a BBQ slicer. The cimeter arrived in rough shape with some nasty grinder scars and big old blocky handle; but the blade itself was sound. I reached out to Daniel who has a great collaborative process whereby he prompts you with some key creative and functional decision points.

    Ultimately though I told him I had seen his gallery and trusted his judgement with the only real guidance that I wanted this piece to be a tasteful refresh: slightly rounded handle with some nice oak burl from Burl Source, cleaned up blade face and that I liked mosaic pins. Daniel ran with this and the links below reflect the before/after. I have not received yet but I am blown away by the pics, exactly what I wanted, an elegant and functional piece that kept the character of the old traditional butcher's knife.

    Daniel could not have been nicer and more accommodating, his quote was extremely reasonable and his turnaround time was unexpectedly fast. Based on the pics, the work and f&f appears to be that of a master who knows how to appropriately customize the approach to the piece, in this case adding enough bling while exercising restraint.

    Can't wait to put this big bad ass blade to work. Without further ado:

    Before (scroll down)


    Thanks Daniel.

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    That's quite a dramatic improvement...nice work Daniel!
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    That's really nice.

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    Terrific ! Great job!

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    Looks terrific & it's always nice to hear a story about great customer service.
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    Now the urge to get one like this starts to grow...

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    Oh yeah, spectacular job, and the urge does start to grow...
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    Looks fantastic !

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    nice, very nice.
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    Hmmmm... I have a bunch of unmarked butcher knives stacking up, been waiting to see something along these lines to sway me in the right direction for refurbing...
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