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Thread: Smithfield and Paula and China???

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    Chuck, What can you sell me Jowl's for? I'll come up and buy a case. While were at it, can I get some Caul from you too? That has been very difficult to find.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChuckTheButcher View Post
    Also talking fattier pigs, when a pig is fed a proper foraged diet it's fat is an HDL not an LDL. Pigs are the only meat where this is the case but only if it's fed right.
    Pork that is raised and fed properly will contain more unsaturated fat and the result from consuming that protein is that your body will produce more HDL than LDL by a ratio of about 1.5:1 That does not mean that all of the cholesterol you produce from consuming fattier pigs, free range pigs or any non-CAFO product will be all HDL. Although I dig the idea!
    If that were true every drug company would be trying to find a way of using pork fat for cholesterol meds.
    I'm not sure I buy into the notion that this is only true with pigs. Free range Venison is very lean on saturated fat. If you start penning up Moose, Deer, Elk, Caribou etc and plump them up by force feeding or altered diets I strongly suspect that they (or any animal) would produce a much higher level of saturated fat. Isn't this the idea with with corn fed beef?
    There's a lot of reasons not to like CAFO pork but we all need to remember that those commercial farms produce pork bi-products necessary for vaccinations, meds etc. As well as provide lower cost protein. Not every one can afford free range Heritage breeds. Every one likes to bag on CAFO farming, Monsanto etc (myself included) but the simple truth is that with out them food costs would be obscene for all but the wealthy.


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