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Thread: First J-Knive

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    Quote Originally Posted by James View Post
    the damascus cladding on the vg10 tanaka is stainless
    I was mistaken. Thanks for the correction.

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    not only the VG-10 but also the "nashiji" pattern with "ginsanko" steel (silver steel #3) core is stainless clad. Silver steel is stainless itself with high chromium content and otherwise white steel #2 in composition. However it has been great to sharpen on my sigma stones and is mostly indistinguishable from white steel. This is not true with a chrome-moly steel (harder to sharpen). I *think VG10 has more molybdenum. The saved money, $170 if you get the $50 165 santoku nashiji, is enough for quite a decent 3 stones!

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    a warning on tanaka's though, the cheaper varieties with the western style handle (what I can speak to).. if you have very big hands, the handle might seem too small. I can *almost palm a basketball (for a second or two anyway) and its fine for me, but it is smaller than average.

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