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Thread: Knives in Austin, Texas?

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    I wanna say it was more (but not much more) than the standard 15%. All I do know is that between the two Austin Restauants (not including Uchi Houston) we spent over $20,000.00!!!

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    What's even nicer is that the restaurant fronts the money for the order and we have the option of dispersing the payments over four paychecks!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by phan1 View Post
    Group order from Korin? That's cool! Is it just the standard 15% off or more since it's in a group? I remember there was an awsome Konosuke group buy a couple ages ago...
    I believe restaurants through a vendor get around 20%. Not bad considering you don't have to wait for a coupon. And on the note of there being a craftsman, haven't heard or seen one yet. Would be nice to have someone open a shop with imported and crafted domestic knives!

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