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Thread: Portable air conditioners?

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    Portable air conditioners?

    O.k., I give up. I would like to get a portable air conditioner for my bedroom. This is the first time that I will have air condition in a place I live, so all I know about these things is what I read in the past 3 days. Offers are also a biy limited on the islands, and I have narrowed it down to two choices unless anybody convinces me that they are both crap

    Here is one from Costco

    And one from Bestbuy

    Price is roughly the same. Any comments on which one to prefer? I like the claim to be quiet and the no hassle return with the Costco one, the Bestbuy one seems to have the basic functions and I could put it interest free on my store card. My criteria for the thing are performance, noise and hassle free maintenance, both should be plent for my small bedroom.


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    I would go with the Costco one because of their return policy.
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    I don;t know much about the portables but I do know that you have to drain a pan (maintenance) and they don't work in a big ass shop like I have.

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    If its for your bedroom the I'd say go for it. I've used one in a small room and it did the job fine.

    Plus 1 on Costco.


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    Yeah that drain pan might be a huge PITA with your humidity... Why not a window unit?
    They are more efficient and far cheaper, plus they drain outside (well, my old one did).

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