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Thread: 2 more wrapped up!

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    2 more wrapped up!

    Hey guys,
    Just wrapped these up last night...

    First on is a 220 mm Petty-suki, going to live with a forum member.

    S35VN @ HRC 62, machine finish, rounded spine and choil. Full distal taper.

    Mokume bolsters, mosaic pins, and Arizona Desert Ironwood scales.

    Sheath/leather saya, is full grain western plains buffalo hide, this is the thin stuff. Its only 1/4" thick!!

    Next is a damascus Gyuto, blade is a lazy ladder pattern, consisting of 1084, and 15N20 @ HRC 61

    Full distal taper, rounded choil, and chamfered spine. 250 mm on the edge.

    African Blackwood ferrule, maple burl handle, with black G10, and faux ivory spacer.

    Saya is a 2 piece, faceted build from some of Marks awesome figured maple. This one doesn't have a pin. It is leather lined to protect the blade finish, and is a nice friction fit.

    Comments welcome. Thanks for looking!!

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    That's one sexy bolster on that 220

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    That gyuto wow! Your handles are so crisp and clean. Beautiful work, as always Pierre.

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    Thank you sir! I appreciate it.

    Feel free to visit my website,

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    the profile of your petty-suki and your mokume bolsters are awesome, some amazing stuff. I like the idea of leather in the saya to protect the finish

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    Both of those knives are beauties! One more step closer I get, my plans are epic, epic indeed!
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    Both Look Great!
    Nice work Pierre.
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