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Thread: Knife recommendations and a few quick questions

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    I did look at thez akuri, actually - how do the zakuri and the uraku compare? I'm pretty torn between the two, both seem of high quality so I'm guessing it'd mostly be preferential variations. Also, are there any other oils good for handle care? as I need to purchase some form of mineral oil, or will some kitchen oils I have around already do?

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    I would not use kitchen oils because they go rancid. I use butcher block oil from Lowes. It penetrates the wood and forms a layer on the outer surface so it can almost be treated like a stabilized wood. Takes like 4 days to do properly, which isn't too bad compared to things like tung oil and is more permanent in my opinion.

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    The Zakuri is carbon and so will stain, the Uraku is stainless. I have a Zakuri and think it is a very good knife, though very rustic. The Uraku which I've not used has a reputation for being much better f&f--I would definitely call Jon and get his thoughts.


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