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hmmm.....never owned or sharpened a carter but his heat treatment is not ideal?.....yeah i see you say " from what i have read".....but that doesn't really seem fair to say.....i have owned many many carters.....from all of his series actually.....i am not saying murray's knives are the best out there....but in terms of performance i would put it up against anything else out there.....especially his outdour knives.....ryan

p.s.-maybe whoever said that needs to work on their sharpening a little
I was referring to never-ending posts on burr and wire edge removal. Both have to do with not ideal heat treatment. A well heat treated knife will have little of that but it will also depend what steel is used.

Most Japanese knives I have owned, developed burr and wire edge during sharpening and require a lot of work have those removed.

If I am not mistaken, the knife Carter sent for sharpening competition had a wire edge, though it was the sharpest of all.

I think the point I am making here, is to put personal favoritism aside and report things as they are, with their pros and cons.

I think bringing outdoors knives into kitchen knife mix is irrelevant - different use and geometry.


PS: to be fair to Carter, his knives have pretty good geometry and ground to perform.