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Thread: masamoto VG and ST, hidden gems?

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    Dec 2012
    south east florida
    brad we're referring to the VG series only

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    i had bought a vg petty a while back, couldn't get into that plastic handle, the knife performed fine, but nothing to write home about. i replaced it with a gesshin ginga shortly thereafter.

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    Got a 210 VG for the prep/porter/whoever at work to use sharpened it for them 4 weeks ago left it to their devices. Picked it up quickly a day or two ago and still had a decent edge and these ladies aint honing, stropping or possessing serious knife skills. Lighter than you would think, F&F was fine, nothing to give an award to. Wouldnt care to have one in my rotation though I used to use a 150 VG Petty as a Line Knife on a short board station and loved it for that. The newer ones have some writing on the backside of the blade stating stainless something or other that is a bit of an eyesore. The 15% of at Korin right now takes a decent chunk off of the Suisin Wa Pettys (180/210) solid pick up in the low 200s

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    I've got a custom-handled 210mm VG that you can borrow for a while if you like. It's a bit thick behind the edge due to poor sharpening for several years (mostly before I found KKF), so it'd need a bit of thinning to restore it to like new (on my list of projects).
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    thanks Z, id probably just get a suisin inox instead though.

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