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Thread: What do you have on your wrist?

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    I can't believe how many guys here wear Rolex, like they're Timex....

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    my stainless Tudor looks just like Dream Burls. i love it. i bought it at the time because it was less expensive than the same stainless Rolex. same watch. i just took it in for a new face, and tune-up. cost me $500.

    came back brand spanking new..and then i reached into my engine compartment and put the tiniest scuff on the face. should have done the crystal..damn!!

    now i love it!! i rarely see Tudor here in the states. i think they quit selling them here.

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    I had my Rolex cleaned once (in 20 years) and was amazed at how much it cost. I think it was $500 also, but they did an amazing job. Even the bracelet looked like new. I don't wear it every day these days. Mostly when I go on vacation because it's built like a tank and I don't have to thing about it, even swimming.
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    Rolex's are built like tanks. I've worn mine in field training, scuba diving, and at the range. I paid enough for it, I'm gonna wear it to the ground although I doubt I could.

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    People really drop some loot on watches. I guess I have no place to talk though. My wrist is just covered in oven rack burns.
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    As of now I own a Bulova Kinetic....which in hindsight was a bonehead purchase being I don't wear watches while in the kitchen. Lol. So I'm always having to adjust the time. It does however work perfect on the weekends when I'm not working at Uchi.

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    i drive my wife crazy. and my rolex repair guy as well.

    apparently, Not wearing a rolex isnt the best for it's overall health. i have a gold president, that i NEVER wear..just not my style at all. my dad gave it to me, before he passed. i cant sell it until my mom passes. (so she cant kill me). i think i want to sell it and buy 3 stainless ones for each of my siblings. matching ones for all of us kids.

    my tudor rides in my gun safe. opening it is a pain. so i dont wear that either.

    on my wrist is a $299 Casio Pathfinder. i friggen love this thing. i sent it in for a repair. i have had this thing in motor oil, deer guts, my compost pile...it lives a rough life. atomic time keeping, so it is syncd perfectly. i am very outdoorsy. last time i wore my tudor deer hunting, a deer heard the bracelet jingling and ran away.

    while this casio was away for repair, i bought a $100 analog casio from costco...the inexpensive watches get more play...i wore that thing on a 10-day backpack trip. it was awesome.

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    I'm not into gold watches too, my uncle gifted me a nice 1 couple of years ago and it is still brand new in the box

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    I wear a Cyma chrono with a faux carbon fiber face that a former employer gave me.
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    "Not wearing a rolex isnt the best for it's overall health"

    You can get watch storage units/boxes for self winding watches that move so they keep the watches running. Not all that expensive and less $$$ than repairs.

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