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Thread: New Takedas coming

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    May 2012
    does anybody know about takedas handles? some colour seems to come off when i disinfect it...

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    herefordshire uk
    I wonder if he is forging his own stainless san mai or buying it in?. Love the Takeda I have had time with, the forged hollows on both sides and double bevel are quite something. To forge a knife in hollow geometry and have something close to an even bevel is quite something, especially when your turning them out.....
    @Salty, they will flex and stay flexed, they are a hot dog weld construction, carbon core into soft iron, I think iron not mild steel. Forged entirely to taper and profile the core is quite thin and there is no core on the spine. I can see how it would be off putting but unless you actually bend it I never really noticed when used as a precision tool..... and its easy to straighten.... a fact that no doubt comes in handy correcting that thin forged hollow geometry if it warps on ht, would not be practical in a forged mono steel hard to forge and correct.

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    Quote Originally Posted by labor of love View Post
    carbon baby. CARBON!
    the carbon is a great knife (I owned one), but I'd have gotten the semi-stainless, if I had it to do over again.

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    I guess they are trending right now... A Gengetsu in SS is due at my door tomorrow.

    Jon must have done some kind of rain dance.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zitangy View Post
    FYI.. on this link.. there is a link to his dealers in USA too... may save you shipping costs..

    I found he doesnt even ask for shipping costs. I got my Honesuki EMS shipping included 20 bucks cheaper than the cheapest US vendor shipping excluded. For us Europeans its easier to order straight from Shosui, as EMS from Japan is about 5 working days quicker to get to us compared to USPS priority.

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