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Thread: Steak and Shake

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amon-Rukh View Post
    My biggest problem with the S&S is that I've always, invariably had crappy servers on top of having to wait a freakin' eternity for even the simplest order to come out. And that's been the same across multiple locations in three different states.

    In other news, that's way less calories than I would have anticipated from a 7-level burger.

    Yeas but look at the sodium... sheesh. I will eat this thing.

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    I ate there all the time in Florida. I also like the new pretzel burger at Wendy's.

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    I haven't eaten at a Steak n' Shake in a long while, but there is one about 10 minutes from me. Might have to go see the 7x7 for myself. Oh and as far as FF burgers go... SnS are the best I've ever had.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Drum N Baste View Post
    Tiny patties. From a calorie standpoint, it's about the same as a Carl's Junior Six Dollar Bacon Guacamole burger... and that just has one patty.
    That is what I was thinking. It is bragging that it is a 1 pounder....even if that is only uncooked meat that would only be 2.3 oz per, and I assume less if they are bringing in everything else, even after cooking. Slider sized? Really thin?

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    yes very thin. They put the patty on the flat top and smash it, so it is thin. Then they flip and dress. By the time it's dressed the other side is done. 4 min. cook time if that.

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