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Thread: Best grind on a production knife?

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    Best grind on a production knife?

    Playing around with a yusuke, I'm digging the grind, definitely behaves a bit differently when cutting than my other lower end knives. Now I'm curious what people see at the best cutters out of box.

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    Ignoring edge sharpness, edge retention, and profile, the best grinds I've seen in terms of falling through food are the Sakai Yusuke "extra thick" from bluewayjapan on eBay, and the Konosuke Fujiyama series.

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    First, define what you mean by "best cutter". Is is "falling through food", excellent food separation or something else?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pensacola Tiger View Post
    First, define what you mean by "best cutter". Is is "falling through food", excellent food separation or something else?
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    Factory grind, mass produced? Small "batch knives"? Midtechs? It's hard to say no matter what class you mean, but I'm very fond of DT ITK, Carter SFGZ, and the Misono Dragon.

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    This is a subject I'm still trying to wrap my head around...but I've heard several knowledgeable people remark on the quality of the grind on the Suisin Inox Honyaki series. Most esp on the consistency of the grind on these knives over time. 2 different dimensions of your question though.
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    Sorry should have clarified, falling through food without much sticktion (sp?) and minimal steering. I haven't handled many knives, but hear people talking constantly about messed up grinds which diminishes performance.

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    i propose you simply reword your question. substituting "your favorite" inplace of "the best". theres too many diverse opinions, with different preferences for how we like our grinds, and what we consider to be good cutters.
    maybe more like, what is your favorite production knife in terms of a good grind and ootb cutting ability?

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    Sakai Yusuke are definitly up there but it is tough not to mention Tadatsuna as well.

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    Kochi migaki and Watanabe pro have the least steering of the knives I've tried. I just sliced a case of tomatoes and they look like they were done on a machine, no wedgies.

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