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Thread: New Series- Gesshin Kagekiyo (maybe the most badass thing yet)

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    I was just referring to the slightly different looking finish. The blue #1 here looks like a kasumi finish off a stone, which is different from the finish I had been noticing on a few clad semi-stainless/stainless wa-handled knives I've seen. The reason I brought it up was that I noticed with Gesshin Hide and Gesshin Kagekiyo, the ginsanko were finished differently from the carbon options. I might have made up the connection between this finish and stainless, though, because now that I look at Gengetsu and Yoshikane, I notice that the carbon knives are finished this way, too. The easiest way to describe the main difference would be that it almost looks like there are three steels when knives are finished this way (even though there aren't): jigane itself, different colored wavy line between jigane and hagane, and hagane itself. Almost like when Dave etches Hiromotos

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    Yeah... its a function of the steel and i believe carbon migration. Stainless steels react differently to HT than carbon... same in polishing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Justin0505 View Post
    DAMN IT JON!!!!

    I really might have to look into that feature that makes posts by certain users invisible...
    Thank you Justin for putting a face to a group feeling...
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    Well, although Jon is out of 270 Kiritsuke shaped wa gyuto.... There will be one at the West Coast Gathering..... No way I could pass on this one...... I can't explain how excited I am to use this for a while longer. AMAZING initial impressions!


    edit- fixed the knife type to kiritsuke shaped wa gyuto to please Jon.

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    um, i'm tempted to sell all my knives and get the 270 blue #1 gyuto...

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    Quick thought: I always mess up the pronunciation on the Gesshin xxxxx names. I am just going to refer to these as Gesshin Badass.

    Also, as much as I always say steel type isnt that important as long as the maker knows how to get the most out of it, I'm really excited that these are Blue #1. It's a steel that Ive not seen used much and is supposedly trickier to work than blue 2 or super.

    I was really impressed by it in the Zak' I had: felt kinda like white#1 with better edge retention.

    I think it was a great fit for these knives which seem to be a concoction of difficult materials and processes all mastered and distilled into one.
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    Is the cladding of the Blue #1 in iron? Is the cladding of the Ginsanko knives in stainless??

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    Will there be stainless Kiritsuke shaped wa gyutos

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