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Thread: New Series- Gesshin Kagekiyo (maybe the most badass thing yet)

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    one quick question

    Jon, I just purchased a hide kensaki yanagi from you about a week and a half ago and you're already making me want to buy another knife...i wish i would have never searched "suisin inox honyaki"

    speaking of suisin's inox would you compare the profile and thinness behind the edge to this line?

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    interesting question... just looked... gesshin kagekiyo is thinner behind the edge, but thicker at the spine and has a shinogi line. Also, it has a larger flat spot and a tiny bit more belly at the very tip.

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    So any more usage comments on the gesshin badass? Chuck?

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    The name says it all(badass)... Still have to use it more before I make to many comments but so far, one of the best cutters I have ever used... (probably yhe best ever because I have been nothing but blown away.) Still have some more things to cut before saying everything. Want to sharpen it again, see what edge retention is really like. But in all honesty, thinking about getting a gyuto (maybe stainless and smaller for home or just a 240 for work and home.) The knife is super thin behind the edge but we will see how it holds up.


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    Quote Originally Posted by JBroida View Post
    270mm kiritsuke-shaped wa-gyuto... lets get it straight :P

    270mm kensakai wa-gyuto.
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    Quote Originally Posted by chuck239 View Post
    ...probably yhe best ever because I have been nothing but blown away...

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