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Thread: First Look Masamoto AEB-L Wa-Gyuto 240mm

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    back to the masamoto. anybody know if its monosteel or not?

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    From the pics it certainly appears that it is zen-ko/monosteel.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bkdc View Post
    It's the same answer I give to everyone. Take a ruler. Hold it up against one side of the blade. It will sit FLUSH against the ruler indicating that the blade face is flat. Then put the ruler against the other side of the blade and observe how the convexity curves away from the straight ruler edge. This is an obvious asymmetric grind. Only the eye is fooled due to the thinness of the blade. But the ruler will reveal the asymmetry.
    I did not say it was not convexed; I said it was slightly convex ground on the right side. I also did not say it was completely flat. I said it's closer to flat. I also said I would not go so far to say that my KS is clearly asymmetrically ground.

    Your response and analysis assumes a number of things. First, a grind is not consistent from tip to heel. So, you may see convexity somewhere along the face of the blade, but at certain places, there may be more convexity or less convexity, and the grind may be higher along the face of the blade at the heel versus the tip. Second, how you place the ruler along the face of the blade matters. Are you placing it at the spine or the flattest area of the face of the blade? Third, you assume that my KS is the same as yours.

    I've done your ruler test at the heel, at the middle of the blade and the tip of the blade; I actually used both a hand held level and ruler, with the level and ruler flush with the spine and the flattest portion of the face of the blade on both sides of the blade. On MY KS, there is a little convexity on the right side of the face of the blade; the convexity at the heel only goes from the edge to about 1.7 centimeters up from the edge.

    The left side is close to flat ground, but not quite flat. It is definitely not as clearly asymmetrically ground in my experience as other knives I own or have used, e.g., the CarboNext which has a very asymmetric grind, or as convexed as others, e.g., my Gesshin Ginga wa-gyuto has a more pronounced convex grind. In fact, at the heel, about 1.7 cm from the edge, the grind goes from flat to a slight taper on both sides of the knife to the edge. The grind is a little more noticeable on the right side, but only slightly.

    So, next time, before you make conclusions about my knife, you'll probably want to limit your opinions to yours. Because some of your assumptions about my knife are wrong.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bamin View Post
    If you look at the bevel on the AEB-L at the tip, it is larger than the bevel as it extends to the heel. Would you call this a sharpening mistake?
    I noticed this(after it was brought to my attention by another member) on a knife in the B/S/T a little while back. I thought it was done by the owner.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bamin View Post
    If you look at the bevel on the AEB-L at the tip, it is larger than the bevel as it extends to the heel. Would you call this a sharpening mistake?
    I think so! I don't know about masamoto SW line(aeb-l). however, my first KS gyuto had similar uneven bevel near the,I returned the knife! then, I brought my 2ND KS gyuto few months ago which came with perfect even bevel.

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