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Thread: Can You Sharpen at Work?

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    We usually do before we start our shift, and most of us are in 30-45 mins early, and some line cooks actually show up an hour to an hour and a half early to prep and get ready for line checks. Set up is usually a 1/3 Pan with water and a towel with a universal stone holder. However the house stones are NO BUENO!!! Most of us bring our own stones. And I'm eagerly awaiting my 8000 grit Kitayama from Korin that's supposed to be here Wednesday.

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    Im lucky bc in my office I keep a diamond plate, beston500 king800,1200,6000 and a blue aoto. I sharpen after the day is done and everyone has left. Now more and more people are hanging around to see the process and I let them try it out for themselves with the little guidance that I can give. Almost every person I work with bring their own knives and they all take care of them and show an interest if its a shun(a lot of those) or something on the higher end.

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    Quote Originally Posted by panda View Post

    btw, where is that wooden sink bridge from dave? i would love to get one!

    I don't know, it's probably home made.

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    This has been a great thread for me to read, thanks to everyone who has posted.

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    i try not to sharpen at work, atleast on the clock. were under pressure to stay productive and knock out our prep lists asap. the pressure to hurry up and sharpen my knives causes me to make mistakes at times, nothing major, just uneven bevels and sharpening scratches. i would rather sharpen at my own pace.

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    I leave my stones at home, I rarely sharpen my own stuff at work. On the other hand, I often find myself sharpening at work, mostly showing/helping my coworkers how to do it.

    I'm a tournant now so I'm roving around a lot, rarely have the free time. Even if I finish all my prep, it's very much expected I lend a hand to a fellow cook in the juice.

    I did touch up one of my knives on a coworkers shapton 4000 glass stone last week. Just wanted to try it out, plus I had to mise out a few L's of scallions. We use way too much scallions at work, it's comical. We throw it on everything.

    I was surprised at how fast cutting the glass stone was. It's the first truly splash and go stone I've tried that lives up to that claim. Most splash and go traditional waterstones still benefit from a 10 min soak imo. Glass stones do feel kinda dead when you're sharpening, that's the one complaint.

    btw Dispossessed, where do you work? Kyo ya? Kajitsu? Sugiyama?

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    Sharpen at the Health Department? Aeehh, no.


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    Quote Originally Posted by aser View Post
    btw Dispossessed, where do you work? Kyo ya? Kajitsu? Sugiyama?

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    I consider this the best indicator of the seriousness of my coworkers. No ****, I have two cooks on my shift that have their complete sets of Porsche and the other Global and consider themselves above the rest because they don't use the house knives. Yet they sharpen them once a season!!! by leaving them in to the local knife killer. I show up to my shift with my beatup 280 Watanabe and old Chinese cleaver and use the house paring knifes (lost too many over the years). I'm doing touch ups throughout the day. I swear the rest of the kitchen thinks I'm an ax murderer… lol.

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    those porsche knifes have really crappy edge retetntion. i couldnt survive a single day without sharpening them.

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