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Thread: Restaurant business plan project?

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    As far as health insurance costs go (for full-time salaried employees?), could be $350-$550/ mo depending on the plan. Some companies have their employees cover $100 or so out of their paychecks, and other companies cover the full cost.
    this is per employee correct?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jgraeff View Post
    this is per employee correct?
    I don't think so considering you can get a single person high deductible plan for a lot less than that.

    For any insurance information, find a local broker and ask them to run the numbers for you. Many will - you're potentially future business.

    You'll need to look at the following types of insurance or policies:

    1. Workers' compensation (first and foremost);
    2. Commercial General Liability (for slip and falls, fights, other type of lawsuits where customers may get hurt, property damage claims against you, and possibly advertising-related injury if you end up advertising);
    3. Employment Practices Liability (to cover yourself for any accidental hirings of bad or dumb employees);
    4. Depending on whether you own or lease a property, some kind of commercial property policy; and
    5. Health insurance or other employee benefits.
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    Yes, per employee. Group health insurance. We usually review a handful of different potential plans as well as deductible options each year, so that range is pretty typical. Not saying you can't get lower with 'high deductible', but many of those plans really don't provide much unless you exceed several thousand $ out of pocket first, which is not something we subject our employees to. HMOs and plans with higher deductibles amounts tend to be more towards the $350 range, and PPOs with reasonable deductibles are closer to the $550 range (i.e., the better the coverage, the more it costs).
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    Ok awesome thanks for the help, i got copies from our accountant so most of the utilities i have real figures for. the insurance and health insurance are all just estimated.

    As far as liquor licenses go, does anyone know if its a flat fee or if it goes be number of seats? I can only find limited information, and around $150,000 i knew it was expensive but that seems excessively high, i mean it would take 10+ years of selling liquor to make that money back....

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    Here the licenses are higher. Also if your restaurant goes south you can sell off the license, some times higher. But this also changes per state.
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    Dang.. That's insane!

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