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Thread: Adding bolster to western handle

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    What size (weight) peen hammer do you guys use and what type steel and pins do you use? I know that 416 is used, but not sure if is used for both stainless and carbon, or just stainless.


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    I have a 12 ounce hammer. I used 303 on my AEB-L suji. That is a good question about what to use on carbon blades too.

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    I use a 12oz to get 'em started, then a 3 lb to hammer them home. For bolsters, I think I would use stainless anyway, a patina on a blade is nice, but not so sure about the handle. If its an integral, thats a different story. I like 416.

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    you can use about anthing on anything. I use 416 on both carbon and stainless. I also use nickle silver and brass. just make sure to use the same material for the pins if you don't want them to show. I have even cut some of the bolster material and turned pins on the lathe to get a match.

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