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Thread: natural stone recommendation

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    Upsides: Jnats are far more interesting, will last much longer (possibly longer than the owner), often will probably gain in value, and you won't need to soak any of them for more than a little bit

    Downsides: it's hard to be sure what you're getting unless you know what you're doing and can test them before, they're more expensive, they're harder to get, there are less and less of them around, many mines are closed, sometimes they're more fragile, they have more 'personality' and they will often take more experience to use

    Not sure if anyone can add to the list?

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    Soooo, in the spirit of this thread, we have a Takashima Awasedo as a recommendation . I have a Yaginoshima I use as a finishing stone at times. Any other suggestions for Nats unde $150?

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    Ya the takashima from Jon is a great stone!

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