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Thread: Masamoto gyutos on rakuten.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rdm_magic View Post
    Quick, while I'm drunk.. thats the 240mm gyuto right?!
    Ks-3124 is the 240, ks-3127 is the 270, both gyuto''s a sweet deal!
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    looks low, I would say it's a suji.

    But what do I know... What he said.
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    Grabbed the last 240mm. Should be fun to explain.

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    They're gyutos - you can confirm the ID of the Masamoto knives on JCK's website.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chefdog View Post
    I'm itching to pull the trigger on one of these. CAn someone tell me if the KS is actually dead flat towards the heel? I love the look of the profile, but I'm hoping there's still a subtle curve except for maybe the last inch or so. I need just a little curve for things like chopping herbs and garlic and such, anything with too long of a flat spot just feels clunky.
    only 1/3 from heel is dead flat........
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    I was about to hop on one of these until I saw Devin's ITK signup thread yesterday, and got on the list! Still tempted though...
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    Thanks cclin.

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    again I miss out on it, doh....

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    Quote Originally Posted by aser View Post
    again I miss out on it, doh....
    There is still a 270 available. In fact I bought a 240 and think I would prefer a 270. So if someone wants a 240 I will be glad to swap:>)
    once in a while you get shown the light, in the strangest of places if you look at it right

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    Theres 4 KS 24 at ebay now. And in States

    How could you miss it guys?!

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