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Thread: New Tanaka Advice or Suitable alternative

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    Quote Originally Posted by ar11 View Post
    I recently ordered two Tanaka knives, one from Metal Master the other from 303. Both took about 10 days to land on the west coast. I've sent emails and questions to both sellers, metal master replies within 1-2 days, 303 took like a week to reply. Confirmed what others have said, the 303 knife had the plastic ferrule. But even with the buffalo ferrule the ho handles on these tanakas pale in comparison to my yusukes.
    Good to know - from everything I've read the general consensus is Metal master trumps 303.

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    I received a Tanaka nakiri vg10 as gift, it is a great little knife and nicely thin behind the edge. Great value for money. I subsequently ordered a vg10 petty for my wife (she likes thin sharp knives, but tends to (ab)use them. with this price, I dont care. we are both happy). i got mine from metal master.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ar11 View Post
    how much was handle upgrade? which do you prefer more right now ginsanko or blue?
    The handle upgrade was $50 installed, it is much nicer than the regular handle and is a little heavier, which sends to balance the knife better

    As to which i like better, i can't say yet,i haven't had a chance to try either enough

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    330mate has a calendar somewhere linked of days he's in a mine mining whetstones, color coded, and informs that his email schedule revolves around that (obviously not by a computer). And, it's a resin ferrule not plastic, also stated.. and there were the upgrade options priced out also in the item description

    Just a few corrections.. he has been fine to deal with. a diverse set of offerings and presumably excellent prices. He's hasty, obviously very busy, but that's fine by me. In the past he's responded 100% and I've gotten a couple pretty rare and well priced items. Recently he sent me the wrong knife, a Tanaka 155 petty, and it was obviously dumb to ship it back, he gave it to me for $26, and express shipped the correct knife. I am more than 200% totally fine w that deal. Ordering a razor hone from him tomorrow

    anyway I'd hate for him to get a bad rap presumably to his hardworking-ness ...

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    I always figured resin = plastic. What is resin then?

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    Quote Originally Posted by VanIsleSteve View Post
    FWIW, I just received a 240mm in both the Ginsanko and Blue. I am a novice at home cook, but so far like both. The blue is definitely fit and finished nicer, but that may be because I opted for the ebony handle upgrade, not sure if they pick the nicer finished blanks when they put on the nicer handle? But, it is much better.
    Carbon in the top shot, ginsanko in the 2nd shot(sorry about the bad quality shots, it is from my Galaxy Note)
    Where did you order from?

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    Quote Originally Posted by echerub View Post
    I always figured resin = plastic. What is resin then?
    Yep, Resin sounds less "cheap" than plastic, that's all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kumar View Post
    Where did you order from?
    Try metalmaster or 330mate on ebay. Metalmaster also has his own website but some knives are cheaper on ebay.

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