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Thread: Coarse stone and 1K alternative?

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    Coarse stone and 1K alternative?

    I need some recommendation for 1K range and Coarse stone
    Right now my setup consists of
    1. Norton India Coarse
    2. Norton Fine
    3. King 1200
    4. Naniwa Green Brick
    5. Naniwa SS 5000
    6. Bester Imanishi 8000

    I am pretty happy with my last three stones. I like the feel and the performance. But the first 3 not so much.

    Norton stones are too narrow for my liking and India Coarse feels quite dull. While I like Inida fine performance, the size of the stone is the killer
    King 1200, seems to be quite slow and the edge I am getting from it does not really convince me anymore, mind I do not have much to compare it to, but that's just my perception. What I like about the King is the nice soft feel and I do not mind the muddiness of it.

    Lately I was getting my eyes on Shaptons Pro but I am not sure if I will like the feel and what grits are the best to complement my last 3 ones.

    I hope users with more experience then me can suggest good substitutes for my first 3 stones.... (Please do not suggest Gesshin stones, as the shipping price kills it )

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    Beston 500 and Bester 1200. Both are nice and wide, cut fast, feel great. Available lots of places, I got mine from Dave Martell.

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    I like the Shapton Pro 320 a lot, and love my Chosera 1k.

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    chosera 400 and chosera 1k or shapton pro 1500.

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    I just got an akamon 1k red brick and I love it so far. Getting a DMT for a course stone/flattener.

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    Chosera 4K and Chosera 1K. I love my Shaptons, but they really feel best on carbon. Chosera works well with all steel types, and you get more stone for your money. The best bang for your buck has already been stated. Beston 500 and Bester 1200.

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    Chosera 800, more or less equivalent to J1200. Very versatile, from thinning carbons to one and only with some stainless.

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    If you don't like small stones, the jns 800 could be a good fit. And the green brick would follow from that stone nicely.

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    Thanks all for the replies. I liked the look of JNS, but heck, its expensive.
    I was looking at the prices, and the most affordable for low/mid grit is Chosera 800 for me. It is $10 cheaper then chosera 1000. To follow up with the green brick which one would be better fit?

    As for lower grit I like the DMT idea, should it be XXC or just XC to combine bevel creation, flattening and stone lapping?

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