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Thread: Thanks to Daniel and crew!

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    Wink Thanks to Daniel and crew!

    Hey, folks. I've been reading for a while, but this'll be my first actual post.

    I wanted to say a big THANK YOU to Daniel and the folks at EE for the great experience we had. My wife and I came in to the shop when we were in Kirkland visiting family. I had done my homework and narrowed down what I was looking for, but needed to get hands-on to really make the call. We looked at the knives I had picked out, but also a few others, and talked at some length about what I was after in a new knife. Long story short, he pulled down a different style of knife to show me that I hadn't considered, but it turns out was exactly what I was looking for. I ended up choosing two knives - the sabaki knife he showed me and a petty knife that both my wife and I liked the feel of - quite happily.

    Because we were travelling, I had him ship the knives to me in Texas. The knives came promptly, with sayas that fit amazingly well, and in great shape.

    Basically, it was an all around great experience. It's one thing to order knives from a website, but no matter how much you read reviews and opinions and descriptions, it doesn't beat talking to people who know what they're doing and getting a feel for the knives yourself.

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    Yeah so, pics or this never happened...
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    Coming right up!

    Quote Originally Posted by stereo.pete View Post
    Yeah so, pics or this never happened...
    Fair enough; I wrote that at work and when I wasn't in the kitchen, and I didn't have any pics to share. Apologies if I missed out on protocol.

    Since I gave the backstory, a little more detail - I've got a gap in my knives, in that I've got a paring knife I like and a good big chef's/gyotu. What I'm lacking is something in the middle, around 6", to handle a variety of chopping tasks from cutting up mushrooms and onions to jointing chickens.

    Bottom: Yokoyama petty 150mm, the all-purpose utility I thought I wanted until I held it (and others) and just how thin the blades are. Awesome at the detail cutting work, but not quite sturdy enough for the bigger stuff.
    Top: Takeo Murata 150mm sabaki/funyaki. This is the knife that sang when I picked it up. It's not as thick as a normal deba, but thick enough that it's not so great for the fine chopping. Chicken, pork, and the bigger tasks? Awesome.

    Anywho. Proof positive?

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    Fair enough. I was at work, and didn't have a picture handy. Not the best of photographers.

    Top: Takeo Murata sabaki/funyaki. Not as thick as a normal deba, has been great for jointing chickens, trimming and slicing pork tenderloin, etc.
    Bottom: Yokoyama petty. Stainless, san mai, does fine cutting like a dream. 150mm.

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    Did you get to fondle any Burkes while you where there?
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    So, I've written a reply twice now with picture (link to Flickr) attached. It's not showing up. Either there's a moderation hold for this that I'm not seeing or aware of, or I'm doing something embarrassingly wrong. Apologies; I'll try something else tomorrow if it doesn't show up.

    EDIT - Okay, so using Quick Reply instead seems to work. Apologies. Updated to explain the picture below.

    Short version:
    I wanted a knife in the 6" range, ideally able to handle various chopping tasks (onions, mushrooms, broccoli, cauliflower) and light butchery (jointing chickens, trimming pork loins, etc) at home.

    Top knife: Takeo Murata sabaki. Not as wide as a normal deba, but wide enough that it doesn't do fine chopping. It's awesome at the chickens, pork, and the like.
    Bottom knife: Yokoyama 150mm petty. Too thin for the butchery work, but an excellent slicer/chopper.

    Sorry for not posting the pic earlier; I wrote the original post at work and didn't have a pic of the knives until I got home. Sorry if I missed protocol.

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