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Thread: Thanks to Daniel and crew!

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    Dude, is that Joey Fatone in your avatar?
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    Great to see another Houston knifeknut in the house!

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    Welcome, sir. Sounds like a great time, and trip.
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    Hi Mike -

    It was really fun to meet you and your wife. I'm glad that you're enjoying the knives that you got. The Murata is a fun find. It's always fun to show folks around the shop, but even more fun to show them knives that we don't even have online yet! I got to meet Murata-san on my last trip in Chiba. I'm hoping that we'll have his knives online within the next 2-3 weeks. We've got both traditional ones (like you got) as well as Western handled ones. Meeting him was one of the real highlights of my trip! Most of my work in Japan has been done in Fukui-ken, Sanjo, and Seki, with a few visits down to Sakai. Heading out to Chiba was quite exciting. Even though it is geographically so close to the main island, the culture is quite different from other places I have visited. Even the knife names and styles are entirely different!

    Here's a photo of him doing some of the initial grinding on one of the knives:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Quote Originally Posted by coffeemike View Post
    Fair enough. I was at work, and didn't have a picture handy. Not the best of photographers.

    Top: Takeo Murata sabaki/funyaki. Not as thick as a normal deba, has been great for jointing chickens, trimming and slicing pork tenderloin, etc.
    Bottom: Yokoyama petty. Stainless, san mai, does fine cutting like a dream. 150mm.

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