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Thread: Andhra Pradesh Goat Curry, Sous Vide

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    Using the whey for the rice is a great idea. I'll try that tomorrow. Ta.

    Gongura sounds fascinating as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by franzb69 View Post
    i am jealous that you get to eat that food.
    It was delightful....what's $$ for overnight shipping to the Philippines?

    Quote Originally Posted by Mucho Bocho View Post
    Danny, Looks supurb. I think you probably had the time/temp right. Goad always has tons of connective tissue. Perhaps next time, after SV, cool, seperate juices from meat. Reduce sauce and refresh the curry flavors, then when nice and thick, add the meat back and simmer slowly covered for 30 to 40 min.

    Also, you're raita will have more flavor impact if you drain the yogurt in cheesecloth overnight. You can even use the Whey for cooking the rice.

    Looks great. Thanks for sharing your SV experiences!

    Can't believe I didn't think of reducing the sauce separately. Great idea. Might also reduce the sauce some BEFORE sous vide, then adjust afterwards.

    I hear what you're saying about the yogurt...I usually just buy greek-style yogurt for that

    From what I've seen, most South Indians don't like that extra thick yogurt...they actually prefer cream-based yogurt which is a bit thicker, but also smoother and a bit sweeter. Brown Cow makes a "cream top" yogurt where you can get a little bit of that in each tub. Interesting thought about the whey though...

    I'm not sure whether the remaining connective tissue was the silverskin type that will never break down...there was a lot of rib-meat in this goat which I would expect to have a lot of silverskin...or if I need more time...I'll give it a try and see what happens.
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