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Thread: Need a good Chef's knife/Gyuto. Please Advise!

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    "Get a konasuke (sic)"

    Care to elaborate?

    Uraku is nice, as mentioned. A 210mm Yoshikane SKD (closer to 220 handle-to-tip) would come within budget, excellent geometry, tough steel, good edge retention, easy to sharpen.

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    Another vote for the Gesshin Uraku. Very good value for an excellent knife.

    Konosukes are overpriced, BTW.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brad Gibson View Post
    I'd go with something stainless if you want to only sharpen once month. The fujiwara nishiji I just tried as a passarounds might be up your alley. Check it out!
    This doesn't make any sense. This knife is stainless clad and has nothing to do with sharpening frequency. The steel is probably white 1 which is a fine steel but not stain resistant. That said, I agree with the Uraku recommendations. I like mine a lot. Hiro AS is not a great knife without considerable TLC right out of the box, IMO.

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    If you can put an edge on a knife check out a 240 carbonext gyuto. It's a fantastic blade at a at a great price. They are over at Japanese chef knives.

    Or you can grab a 240 gesshin kagero gyuto from Japanese Knife Imports. Such a strong knife for the money with great edge retention. Jon, the owner, will happily put a and put a killer out-of-the-box-edge on it too, if you ask him

    GL with the purchase.

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    Hey, Thanks for all the great advice and sorry for falling off the face of the earth after asking my question. I unfortunately am going to have to put off the knife purchase for a bit, as money has tightened up. In the mean time, I will be reading and learning.

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