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Thread: Moritaka - how long?

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    very interesting thanks for sharing
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    Is this limited to a particular style of knife or is it across the board?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BurkeCutlery View Post
    I don't understand the reasoning behind "takes and holds and edge well".

    Of course they do, they are Aogami Super. Lots of Japanese brands do great heat treating Aogami Super. A Dojo Gyuto is AS and it's $80. I wonder what the HT is like on those.
    I have a Dojo Nakiri that cost about $80. It's 5-6 years old and I use it everyday in a pro kitchen. It's the best knife I've ever owned. Wicked shard and holds an edge FOREVER. It's why I want another, but now, fully carbon knife. After buying many "wrong" knives when I had cash, I'm now trying to buy the right knife with relatively little $.

    Whenever someone talks about Dojo's, I want to show 'em some love.

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    I heard that the etailer was contacted regarding this crap-O-rific knife and has agreed to accept it for return. I hope that it finds it's way back to the maker vs back on the shelf for sale.
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    The most troubling thing to me is that it's a Japanese company that is doing this. The reputation of Japanese manufacturers for building the best quality items was earned over years and is a reflection of the culture - dedication, hard work, repetition leads to success.

    The fact that Moritaka blows off such significant problems as part of being "hand made" is a cop out. Minor problems are acceptable. Significant ones should never be. But, I can say that I've corresponded with other vendors and they've used the same reason.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dav View Post
    Eamon other than me spelling "an" wrong all I was doing was stating the obvious (to me) I'm sure others do too its just I like or liked the combination of the rustic/kuro-uchi appearance and general performance I'm getting from these knives. Oh well in my search for great British knives I'm finding the resurgence of the little mesters and some new makers who are producing some lovely hand made sheffield knives maybe I'll stop buying Japanese altogether!
    I hope that didn't come off as combative towards you. You are not at all the first person I've heard that from, and not just about Moritakas. I just feel like if you have a professional Japanese kitchen knife maker who is using such a well-known and oft-used steel like Aogami Super, you shouldn't be impressed if it performs as expected, and AS is considered by many to be the best blade steel in the world. It'd be like getting a knife from an ABS MasterSmith in 1095 and primarily liking the knife for it's edge-taking. Duh. It's 1095. You didn't pay for edge taking, the knife has to go beyond that to be worth any more than an Old Hickory.

    Know what I mean?

    These knives just don't scream "bargain" to me. I remember considering them a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away when I was buying my first good knives. They were my "pricey" consideration.

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    my guessis the crap o rific is sharpened by an expert and returned to the customer unsuspectingly......ryan

    viva la revolucion !

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    I've heard from a reputable source that shall not be named that this problem occurs with other makers. It's not something unique to Moritaka, but maybe more frequent.

    My take on it, and I don't know exactly how they make and grind their knives, is that they use a particular grinding method and/or tool(s), that other makers use as well, that if not done properly can lead to over-grinding. Moritaka really make price-point products in the realm of Japanese knives, particularly for AS, and they can only "afford" to put so much time and skill into their knives. You get what you pay for. It's a crap shoot - maybe you get a good one, maybe you don't. I love my 150 petty. Never touch my 270 kiri-gyuto - stupid knife IMO.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sudsy9977 View Post
    my guessis the crap o rific is sharpened by an expert and returned to the customer unsuspectingly......ryan

    If I had to place a bet on what will happen with this knife I'd use past history as my ace in the hole and my bet would be that it'll be used as an example of how this isn't a problem and how I'm picking on Moritaka and how it can be fixed (even though it isn't a problem)....blah blah blah.... On and yeah it'll be the first time they ever heard of this (non) problem...

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    wow man on that Nakiri ovregrind is very huge, nothing that i have seen before
    I must say in that price point something like this should never happen !!
    But as it was mentioned before Moritaka is not primerly knife makers but gardening or country blacksmiths, so maybe edge straightness is not so important for them

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