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Thread: Moritaka - how long?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Salty dog View Post
    How long? At least 36 pages.


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    I was just sent a link to more comments from the other side of the fence. I'll leave out the deflecting ramblings of the mad man but I just have to copy this one thing that his boss wrote. Why? Because it irks me, because I'm not in a good mood right now, but most of all because it's once again showing where they want the issue to be driven to. If you're not in the mood for my rant then please skip over the rest of this post.

    Ken's boss wrote....

    The real question is why anyone that fancies himself a knife maker would want to spend anytime bashing another knife maker, especially a tiny, family run business? There aren't many of these guys left in the world. Believe me I look.

    I used fancy myself a person who owns a small family run business. I used to fancy myself someone who helps other retailers by inviting them into a community, into a forum, with the idea of helping them build up their stagnating online knife store by introducing them to something that I found valuable and something that I helped to create. I also used to fancy myself a trusting person who believes a person when they say that they won't sell stones (AKA compete directly with me) on the same forum that I just invited them onto and introduced them to.

    Now, I fancy myself an ex retailer of stones, a struggling knifemaker, and a father of uninsured children who can not provide the care that they need. I also fancy myself someone who's been deceived and someone who's lost faith in the concept of helping others. However, I fancy myself (still) as a person who cares about his fellow man enough not to screw them over for more $$ and I fancy myself caring more for them than I do for the a**holes selling these crappy knives or the makers who are pumping them out.

    I fancy myself continuing to tell the owners of these bad knives the truth about why I can't fix them - the truth being that they got hosed by a retailer and/or knife maker who knowingly sold them a potentially defective product. I fancy this behavior because it's the right thing to do - not because it makes me $1 more than I have right now and in fact will likely cost me a great deal more $$ in lost shipping costs, lost time spent screwing around with packaging, inspecting, and communication.

    This is not a Dave issue - it's a Moritaka issue - at the core it belongs to them yet it bleeds on from there. I believe that any retailer being aware of potential issues with these knives and yet still continuing to sell them will get what they fancy in the end and likely more.

    Ultimately what I'd fancy here is for Moritaka to spend 30 mins re-training uncle on the wheel to stop making these mistakes and then for this discussion to be at an end.

    Rant mode off>>>

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    It's not bashing if there truly is an issue. Irrespective of what was revealed to you in private conversation, at least in public they're sticking to the "there's no problem here!" position. If they and Moritaka stick to that position, this won't go away.

    Save who we can from getting screwed over, or at least warn them of the gamble that they may be taking. That's all we can do.

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    I'm just trying to get a simple question answered!! I don't want to be in the middle of this, lol.

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    Well, here is my 2 cents. I was given a Moritaka in Japan. I brought it back and after a little use I was planning on a custom job from them. That was till I sharpened it and realized that I too was an over grind victim. I still have the knife and I abuse the hell it of it. I call it my Mori-ka-ka.

    As for Ken, I have had one and only one dealing with him. True to his reputation his information was real snake oil and he tried to manipulate the whole thing to his advantage. I wouldn't trust the guy to do business on the up and up. No better place to buy snake oil than from a snake in the grass.

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    Just so that a noobie to this issue is clear - Am I correct that the "supreme" line that is being talked about here is the "Aogami Super Series" in this link:

    while the "regular" line with the over grind problems is the "Standard" series in this link:

    I was about to order from the Aogami Super Series and want to be sure that I am not going for the problem line of knives.

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    from what ive read, overgrind issues can affect all those series.

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    Quote Originally Posted by berko View Post
    from what ive read, overgrind issues can affect all those series.
    Then can someone give me a link on their web site that points to the line of knives without the problem? It has been stated a few times in this thread (and I admit to not having read all 37 pages) that the "supreme" line seems to have avoided this problem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by berko View Post
    from what ive read, overgrind issues can affect all those series.
    I think I remember reading that in the thread as well. Best to look at a different brand.

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