Last I checked there were 169 stabilized blocks currently available in our web store.
It can get kind of monotonous scrolling through all the store pages, so I took some group photos to show you what is in the store.
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All of our stabilized woods were professionally stabilized by Knife and Gun Finishing supply. In my opinion they are the best when it comes to stabilizing wood to be used for knife handle material.

Any of the blocks in the web store can be cut into scales at no additional charge. Just make a note during checkout.

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These blocks are Karelian Birch that I get from a knife company in Russia. When they get a batch together they send me a box as trade for some of our local woods. Karelian Birch was used to make the only Tiffany Egg using wood.

These blocks are Ancient Bog Oak from the Ukraine. The log these were cut from was carbon dated to be 5460 years old from when the tree died. Bog Oak is from old Oak trees that died and were covered in sediment for thousands of years. As it is covered in the swampy sediment the wood absorbs minerals giving it a gray/black coloring. Typically the oldest wood is the darkest. A copy of the carbon dating report is provided with these blocks.

These blocks are Figured Koa from Hawaii. The figure in Koa has a bold metallic flash that seems to move around beneath the surface of the wood as light hits from different angles.

These blocks are Spalted Mango from Hawaii. The figure is a very tight fiddleback giving stripes that go at a right angle to the grain. Figure like this is a rarity with Mango. This was a lucky find so I bought as much as I could get. The figure in this wood has a nice metallic flash similar to Koa.

These blocks are Madrone Burl from SW Oregon. This wood has very small pores and polishes up beautifully. For a while Lexus was using Madrone Burl veneer for an upgraded trim package on their cars.

These blocks are Flamed Maple from SW Oregon. Clean light colors and very flashy Flamed figure.

These blocks are more Figured Maple from SW Oregon. Lots of variations can occur with the figure and coloring.

These blocks are Spalted Figured Maple. Spalting is caused by a fungus in wood that causes the unusual coloring from different colonies of fungus.

These blocks are Spalted Maple Burl. Good burl figure and unusual colors from the spalting.

These blocks are a mix of Black Palm, Black Oak Burl and Manzanita Burl.

These blocks are Flamed Old Growth Redwood. The coloring is a bit darker than normal and the figure is extra bold in these blocks.

These blocks are Old Growth Redwood Burl. Lots of eyes and a nice metallic luster to the background with these blocks.

These blocks are Dyed Figured Maple. Kind of strange but in a good way.......I think.

These blocks are Extra Large Dyed Figured Maple. I left some large so you could get a matching pair of handles.