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Thread: Website redesign

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    How about a great international shipping deal like Maximo?

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    for whatever reason, shipping from the US is much more expensive than shipping from other places. Maxim and i have discussed the cost of shipping many times. Sadly, i just cant offer worldwide free shipping unless i raise prices or up the minimum order for free shipping quite a bit. I am always looking into cheaper and better ways to ship though. That being said, i've found that the slightly more expensive ways of shipping are significantly better in delivery speed, security, package handling, tracking, and not loosing packages. Nothing i hate more than shipping something halfway around the world only to have it damaged or lost.

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    the website is down for a bit... trying to figure out whats up and will hopefully be back up shortly... we'll keep you posted

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    Not really relevant I guess, but I find the least strain for eyes is light-gray on black. Pure white on black may indeed be too much - depending on the monitor one is using (contrast, brightness).

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