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Thread: Lefty Forum?

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    Feb 2013

    Lefty Forum?

    If you are interested in a lefty only forum please post here.

    I'm a lefty and think it would be great, but I wanted to gauge interest first.

    Thanks guys!

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    Jul 2011
    Skelleftea, Sweden
    Name it "The Leftorium".

    -"we're gonna make gluten free lasagna"

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    Jul 2013
    Mmmm. Not sure. My fear is that a lefty forum would be too specialized and ignored by righties who would likely still have some useful input for lefties. Take my case for example. I cut right and was married to a lefty. During that time I responded to lefty questions based upon my experience but I would never consider exploring a lefty forum. Just my 2 cents.

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    I'm sure "Lefty" would love it.
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    I'm quite sure it may be most useful to exchange experiences about living as a wrongly-handed, coming out and so on. But as a right handed I must admit I'm very interested in all asymmetry questions, and I hope to be allowed to read your discussions as far as knives are concerned.

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    I'd love to see a sub-forum for lefties on here.

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    Original Knerd of Knives

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    Feb 2012
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    I just don't understand why you guys can't conform.
    So weird.
    Just use your right.
    I mean it's right! That's why it's called that.
    I don't care to consort with those of the southpawed race.

    I think this is just shameless promotion for The Sharp & Shiny Shop!

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    If you allow the lefties their own forum, next thing you know they'll want subforums for countries. Left handed Americans, left handed Canadians (wait, he's already got one), left handed Aussies, etc, etc.
    Older and wider..

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    Hahaha love it but yes I would find it handy to have recommendations and discussions on where best to pick up a quality single bevel for the more enlightened.

    I don't trust right hand people, that lack of independent thinking unsettles me. Plus, 90% of people are right handed, so clearly this is concrete proof that 90% of the world problems are down to right hand people. I'm not advocating that we round them up, but.....

    Okay now that I've picked a fight with almost every knife enthusiast on here (!), can anyone recommend a maker of fine 'idiot friendly' blades I'm looking for a kiritsuke style, either traditional Japanese or custom maker from anywhere I don't mind so long as it is made by someone who adores their craft and transfers that love into their work.

    And thank you all, genuinely, as I comment rarely but have gained a wealth of invaluable insight from this fantastic website 😊

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