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Thread: Recomended Edges for Various Knives

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    Senior Member brainsausage's Avatar
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    Feb 2012
    Portland, Maine
    I prefer the new one, but just barely.

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    In order to return to the OP's question:
    I prefer my slicer, who has almost no board contact, to have both the thinnest and the less polished edge. After a full progression to 5k I will end with a few very light strokes on a 2k, or even a dry 800 Chosera.
    For general purpose knives though I would suggest a more obtuse angle, polished as far as I can get. It's all about the amount of maintenance you're willing to perform. A single-sided microbevel ā la Jon Broida may simplify your life considerably.

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    Senior Member stevenStefano's Avatar
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    I think I prefer pretty toothy edges. Cutting on cheapo crappy boards, the edge isn't gonna last forever so I have come to the conclusion that toothy is better. I now just go King 800 to Rika 5k and I like it, for all my knives, 99/1 lefty or whatever. Not the fanciest way of doing it but it works for me

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    I'm with stevenStefano. Ultrafine edges lose their bite way too quickly even on expensive endgrain boards, esp. if you have multiple users of differing skill levels. I like the feel and clean cuts of a very fine edge but if I'm going to need long lasting bite, I will keep more of the coarser scratches.

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    I know it won't be long until I have a Binsui. I can feel my defenses weakening.

    JNS 1k > Red Aoto for almost everything. I usually can't stop myself from taking white steel to high grit levels though. Too much fun.
    If you're going through hell, keep going.

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    I use to finish on a Kitayama, but lately I've been content stopping at the Suehiro Rika. Seeing as I don't have any dedicated slicing/protein knives anymore I don't think there's really a need to go beyond 5k; also, as much as I like the feeling the kitayama leaves, I'd prefer a touch more retention.

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