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Thread: Prayers, Positive Thoughts, Whatever

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    Prayers, Positive Thoughts, Whatever

    I am afraid that my boss is being killed by doctors.
    He is 80+ years old.
    A few months back he had gone to the hospital to see what they could do about his aches and pains.
    One doctor suggested back surgery. I did my best to talk my boss (Harvey) out of getting surgery. I am biased because I had back surgery several years back that did not turn out well.
    Another specialist talked him into some sort of injections.
    Immediately following the injections Harvey started going down hill fast.
    He seemed to age 10 years in a matter of weeks.
    When he went to the hospital about his reaction to the injections they conducted a bunch of tests but no answers about what was happening.
    Last week he started shaking uncontrollably and had to go to the hospital in an ambulance.
    They kept him overnight and released him saying he had a fever.
    Yesterday they had to call the ambulance again.
    This time he got an ER doctor that was competent.
    Harvey has pneumonia.

    I know I am not being fair to the other Doctors but I feel like their incompetence almost killed my boss.
    Your prayers, positive thoughts and concern are very much appreciated.
    Harvey has treated me like family since I came here several years ago and I don't want to lose him.
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    Good luck Mark, I hope he pulls through! Sounds like a great guy.
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    I trust doctors less than lawyers, which is saying something. Deeply felt prayers, positive thoughts and concern are one the way from Boise.

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    Prayers sent for Harvey and family.

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    Prayers and positive thoughts! God bless.

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    Best. Pneumonia is no breeze, but at least they know what it is.

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    yeah a few of the drs. I've had recently killed me twice last year. competency is hard to find. prayers going that way.
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    Prayers and well wishes for him, you and the family.

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    Sorry to hear about your and Harvey's troubles.There's nothing worse than getting caught on the medical merry go round (cept it ain't too merry). Hopefully he'll get some good care and pull out of the tail spin. Good thoughts and wishes sent.
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    Best thoughts to you and your Boss Mark
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