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Thread: Sharpening wide bevel dbl bevel knives

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    i am of the opinion that when its a knife maker you trust and you believe understands the design he is using and why he is using it, there's probably a good reason it was done that way. That being said, i also know many knife makers who dont think as much about these things. In the case of shigefusa, i would say he fits more in the former than the latter. He's got a clear image of what hes trying to create and why.

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    I agree with Jon but if you don't like the way it cuts, I'm 100% in favor of either selling it or modifying it, as long as YOU have a clear idea of what you are doing. That said, I do own a Shig and I have thinned and flattened to some extent. It cuts a lot more to my liking now although it still isn't my favorite.

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    Thanks for the schema and explanation Jon, got the picture now!

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