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Thread: Hi from Orlando

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    Hi from Orlando

    I am afraid I do not have the patience to write well. But, I will give it a try.

    I have loved knives for as long as I can remember. The only thing I may have loved more is good food. I grew up with a small collection of hunting knives and played with the idea and studied (reading) knife making.
    When I was thirteen I bought Grahm Kerr's "galloping Gourmet". I also had the good fortune to sample from some of the best restaurants (at least per Michelin's guide) in Spain, France, and Germany as we traveled there yearly from 1965 to 1985.
    Everything was waylayed on my going to medical school and becoming a surgeon. In the last few years I have been able to slow down. I have done a lot of woodworking and have been very impressed with Japanese saws ans chisels (blue and white steel). I learned quite a bit about sparpening. And I continue to learn.
    Recently I lost my mother and have begun taking care of my father. I now cook 5 days a week. I have had Globals and Shuns and have found my way onto this site due the amount of knowledge I have seen. I have been reading here for a few months and did not join as I felt I had little to add.
    I joined just today because the BST is killing me. You guys are letting go of a lot of knives I have wanted to try!
    Enough about me...good day to you all!

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    Welcome to KKF!
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    That's a great intro Midsummer. Sorry about your mom. From your interests and experiences you have certainly come to the right place. The BST can be a very tempting place. Good luck and welcome.
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    Thank you all for the warm welcome!

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    Welcome to the forum

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    Glad to have you here.
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