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Thread: Catcheside Cutlery in Esquire Magazine

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    Quote Originally Posted by ejd53 View Post
    Congrats Will, glad to know I got a few of your knives before they start going for Krameresque prices.
    I so called this!
    I am honored to have this knife in my collection and plan to add a sibling (sooner rather than later, so I get the order in before his prices and wait list start to reflect the quality of his work ...

    My only regret is getting distracted and not following thorough on that 2nd knife sooner. IMO, his prices are still a bargain now though.

    I"m really glad to see "one of our own" getting some well deserved recognition. Now if the US Esquire would just get the hint...

    "I gotta tell ya, this is pretty terrific. Ha hahaha, YEAH!" - Moe (w/ 2 knives).

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    Thank you all very much. It would not be possible to be able to take the time to make such nice pieces without you.

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