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Thread: Would anyone consider selling their Kramer?

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    Would anyone consider selling their Kramer?

    Obviously this is the most ridiculous WTB thread of all time, but I'm yet to be disappointed by my efforts on this forum so far. So why not give it a go.

    I have an overwhelming urge to own a 9-10 inch kramer in 52100, and am hoping a member here will take pity on a fellow knife Knut and maybe part with there's, I'm obviously not holding my breath but if you don't ask you'll never know.

    Thanks for looking and let the mocking begin
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    Good luck Huw!
    I think I've only seen 2 offered up for sale here in a couple of years. I still drool when I think about mattrud's though.
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    good luck! I give up Kramer custom long ago......too rich for my pocket!!
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    well, never say never. this is the right place to search for that rare beast. and every once in a while, you can see a unicorn or a white buffalo in this forum... he who dares wins! good luck!!!

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    Good luck Huw

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    No idea myself - how much do these go for?

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    I hassle Bob for one about once a month. Nothing yet, but the squeaky Canadian gets the chef knife (it sounds way better in Canadian English). Honestly, I already told my wife I want a Kramer, a Rader, or a Wilburn for our five year anniversary... Anywho, I hope you get it, Huw!

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    That is not a Kramer, Dave Jacobson, that is a shun production knife.
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    If you do find one I hope you know of an ultra-reliable courier, it would have to travel quite a ways

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